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Traditional Wedding Photos:

A Planning Checklist


This wedding day checklist will help us get exactly the shots you are looking for, as well as making the photo session more accurate and efficient ~ giving you more time to enjoy with your guests.

Make a copy of this list and print it out. Take some time going over the options, checking off the shots that are important to you in one of the boxes, I will check it off once the shot has been photographed. Keep in mind that most items on this list represent several shots to give you variety. If you have some other ideas, write them in at the bottom. Think of special poses you might want. Feel free to bring family photos to duplicate, or shots you liked from books or magazines. (I have even worked with brides who rewrite the checklist with every shot listing the people included in each one.) Bring the list to your consultation. We will then go over your selections together creating the custom made package you are looking for.

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Phone numbers
Wedding date/time
Ceremony location
Reception location


Bride adding finishing touches.
Bride's veil put on by maid of honor.
Bride and bridesmaids.
Bride and maid of honor.
Bride pins flower on mother.
Bride pins boutonniere on father.
Bride alone, formal shots. Close-up, 1/2, full body.
Maid of honor puts penny in shoe.
Bride putting on garter.
Outdoor photos, if nice day.

Groom with best man.
Bride and father getting out of limousine/carriage.
Bride and father at entrance.
Grandparents being seated.
Groom's mother being seated.
Bride's mother being seated.
Bridesmaids walking down aisle.
Maid of honor walking down aisle.
Bride and father walking down aisle.
Bride and father walking by (rear).
Father kissing bride at altar.
Altar from floor of aisle.
Altar from choir loft.

CEREMONY (repose later if photos not allowed)
Bride and groom at altar.
Ring exchange.
Exchanging vows.
Communion (if applicable).
Candle ceremony (if applicable).
Bride and groom kiss at altar.
Bride and groom face congregation from altar.
Bride and groom leaving altar.
Signing marriage license.

Bride and groom silhouetted in doorway.
Bridal party on church steps.
Rice/Bird seed throwing/bubbles.
Guests outside church.
Bride and groom getting into limo/carriage.
Bride and groom arm in arm in limo/carriage.
Champagne toast in limo/carriage.
Couple looking out of back of limo/carriage.

PORTRAITS (groups)
Bride with her family.
Groom with his family.
Bride and groom with parents.
Parents and grandparents alone.
Bridal party.
Bride with bridesmaids.
Groom with bridesmaids.
Groom with ushers.
Bride with ushers.
Groom with best man.
Bride with best man.
Bride and groom with best man and maids of honor.
Bride, formal poses. Close-up, 1/2, full body
Bride and groom, formal poses. Close-up, 1/2, full body.
Hands together showing rings.
Groom, formal poses. Close-up, 1/2, full body.

Bridal party, as introduced into hall.
First person to go through reception line.
Best man toasts.
Bride and groom toast.
Parents toast.
Food table
Gift table
Cake table
Cake cutting, posed, showing rings.
Bride and groom feeding/throwing cake.
Bride and groom kiss at cake.
Mothers-in-law receive cake.
Bride and groom's first dance.
Parents dance.
Best man and maid of honor dance.
Bride and her father dance.
Groom and his mother dance.
Bride and groom, special-effect photo (candlelight, silhouette, etc.)
Throwing of bouquet.
Groom takes garter off bride.
Throwing of garter.
Man who caught garter with woman who caught bouquet.
Bride and groom in street clothing, with suitcases.
Candid photos of guests.
Last dance.
Bride and groom part from parents.
Decorated car.
Bride and groom in car.


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